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You don't have to visit Cheddar to enjoy the flavour!

  • Cave Aged Cheddar
    Cave Aged Cheddar

    Traditional cloth matured handmade Farmhouse cheese, rich wounderful rounded flavour


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  • Cave Aged Cheddar Truckle
    Cave Aged Cheddar Truckle

    Traditional cloth matured handmade farmhouse cheese, a hard textured, full rounded flavour. Pasteurised cows milk


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  • Farmhouse Black Wax Cheddar Truckle
    Farmhouse Black Wax Cheddar Truckle

    Authentic farmhouse mature 400g Cheddar made by hand and aged in a wax coating.


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  • Red Hot Chilli Cheddar
    Red Hot Chilli Cheddar

    Authentic farmhouse Cheddar cheese blended with Chilli peppers, a great balance of flavour


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  • Scrumpy Cider Apple Cheddar
    Scrumpy Cider Apple Cheddar

    Authentic farmhouse Cheddar cheese blended with Scrumpy cider and apple, a classic flavour of Somerset


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  • Vintage Artisan Cheddar
    Vintage Artisan Cheddar

    Farmhouse Cheddar handmade in Somerset. Matured for around 18 months. Moist, tangy, powerful.


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Our Cheeses

Down on our west country farms we have been perfecting the art of traditional cheddar cheese making for hundreds of years. Our cheddar cheese is created from hard work and dedication to time honoured traditions, along with our lush green pastures and dairy herds that produce our unique pure rich milk.