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You don't have to visit Cheddar to enjoy the flavour!

  • Cave Aged Cheddar
    Cave Aged Cheddar

    Traditional cloth matured handmade Farmhouse cheese, rich wounderful rounded flavour


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  • Online Shop Gift Voucher
    Online Shop Gift Voucher

    Treat your loved one to a gift voucher for our website.

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  • Very Special strong Cheddar
    Very Special strong Cheddar

    Used in our award winning Cafe Gorge our Very Special strong cheddar is a great all round cheddar.


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  • Cave Aged Cheddar Truckle
    Cave Aged Cheddar Truckle

    Traditional cloth matured handmade farmhouse cheese, a hard textured, full rounded flavour. Pasteurised cows milk

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  • Cave aged goats cheddar
    Cave aged goats cheddar

    Traditional cloth matured cave aged goats cheddar, a hard cheese with a distinctive but subtle goats flavour.


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  • Farmhouse Black Wax Cheddar Truckle
    Farmhouse Black Wax Cheddar Truckle

    Authentic farmhouse mature 400g Cheddar made by hand and aged in a wax coating.


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  • Red Hot Chilli Cheddar
    Red Hot Chilli Cheddar

    Authentic farmhouse Cheddar cheese blended with Chilli peppers, a great balance of flavour


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  • Scrumpy Cider Apple Cheddar
    Scrumpy Cider Apple Cheddar

    Authentic farmhouse Cheddar cheese blended with Scrumpy cider, garlic and apple, a classic flavour of Somerset


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  • Vintage Artisan Cheddar
    Vintage Artisan Cheddar

    Farmhouse Cheddar handmade in Somerset. Matured for around 18 months. Moist, tangy, powerful.


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  • Smoked over oakwood cheddar
    Smoked over oakwood cheddar

    Authentic farmhouse mature 200g Cheddar smoked over oakwood. A semi-hard cheese, rich and creamy with a strong rural smokey tang.


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  • Cheddar and cracker gift hamper
    Cheddar and cracker gift hamper

    Our traditional handmade farmhouse mature cheddar, oakwood smoked cheddar and handbaked Artisan crackers placed in a rustic hamper perfect for any cheese lover.


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  • Flavoured cheddar gift hamper
    Flavoured cheddar gift hamper

    Our authenic hot chilli cheddar, Real scrumpy cider cheddar and handbaked artisan crackers placed in our rustic hamper.


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  • Cave aged cheddar Hamper
    Cave aged cheddar Hamper

    The perfect cheese lovers gift of Cave aged cheddar, handmade crackers and local chutney.


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  • The Ultimate Cheddar Hamper
    The Ultimate Cheddar Hamper

    Perfect selection of our best Cheddar cheeses for any cheese lover.


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